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CBD Vape Pens UK - Essential Safety Guide (May 2020)

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Vaping is an immensely popular method of consuming CBD. This is, in part, due to it's bioavailability benefits. The vast majority of CBD products are consumed orally and this results in much of the cannabis-derived chemical compound getting wasted and lost in the body before entering the bloodstream to be put to good use.

In this article, rather than talking about the benefits of CBD vape pens, we are going to be examining the safety of these CBD products. Is vaping safety being blown out of proportion? Are there any substantial reasons to be concerned about the use of CBD vape pens? We will be covering this and much more in our essential safety guide for CBD vape pens in the UK.

We manufacture a wide variety of CBD products and the safety of our customers is at the forefront of all our activities. We spend a significant amount of time investigating and researching the latest scientific developments of CBD to ensure we are always at the cutting edge of the CBD industry. It’s time to do some much-needed myth-busting on CBD vape pens!

What are CBD Vape Pens?

CBD vape pens are pen-shaped vaporisers that are filled with CBD juice. In recent years, as interest in CBD as a food supplement has increased, the CBD product market has expanded to cater to those that wish to consume CBD in different ways. For some people, CBD vape pens are a go-to CBD product, while others prefer CBD tinctures and edibles.

Why do people use CBD Vape Pens?

As we discussed a few moments ago, CBD vape pens typically have greater bioavailability than other CBD products, such as CBD oils, gummies and creams. Researchsuggests that CBD vape pens can have a bioavailability of between 34% and 56%. This is astronomical when compared to CBD products that are orally administered, which usually have an absorption rate below 20%. This is some difference!

CBD vape pens are perfect for consumers that want to absorb and bring large amounts of CBD into their system. It’s a shame that other CBD products can often be unfulfilling in this way. Naturally, CBD vape pens have also become a positive replacement for the use of e-cigarettes - but the question is, how different are they?

Is CBD safe and non-addictive?

CBD, as a chemical compound and in products, is completely safe to consume. You should, however, be careful about mixing CBD with any medications that you are currently taking. This is standard advice for any new substance that a person introduces into their life. To find out more about this, you should consult with a medical professional, such as your GP or a pharmacist.

At the same time, it’s important to remember that CBD is a food supplement. This means that it should not be taken in place of prescribed courses of medication or used as an alternative medicine to treat specific ailments. CBD does possess some therapeutic properties, but it is solely intended to be consumed as a food supplement, even as an e-juice in vape pens.

In rare cases, some people can experience ​adverse reactions​ to CBD, much like a very small minority of the human population has nut allergies. For the most part, CBD is well-tolerated and doesn’t present any undesirable side effects. CBD is also non-addictive - it doesn’t present the “high” associated with THC. A ​2017 study​ found that the potential for CBD to be abused as a substance is greatly limited.

Should you be worried about flavouring?

Vape pens and e-cigarettes have had some negative press coverage in recent years. The main reason for concern about these products stems from the use of flavourings. The e-liquids that can be found in CBD vape pens typically consist of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and CBD in an isolated form.

The European Tobacco Products Directive prohibits the use of certain flavouring compounds, that are added to PG-based e-liquids. This is because there are some flavouring compounds which are known to cause harm upon inhalation. As part of our commitment to producing high-quality CBD vape pens in the UK, we monitor the safety of any flavouring materials that we use and always respect the safety regulations in place.

Is vaping better than smoking?

The battle between vaping and smoking is a much broader issue that comes up frequently in our conversations with potential customers. People want to know about the potential dangers of vaping and how these equate to the smoking of cigarettes. For many years, there has been poor regulation of the CBD vaping market, making it hard to know exactly what you’re buying.

Nothing about vaping inherently changes the risk profile of CBD. Vaping just involves the heating of a tincture at a high temperature to produce a vapour that can be exhaled. CBD vaper should, however, be mindful about dosing, as inhalation is a particularly effective way of getting CBD into your system. Vaping has been found to make CBD four timesmore potent.

As for whether vaping is better than smoking, there is currently no evidence to suggest that vaping is a safe alternative to smoking. However, vaping is widely seen to be less harmful than smoking. Ultimately, it all depends on the types of flavouring and additives that are used in the CBD vape pens.

Final Thoughts on the safety of CBD Vape Pens

CBD vape pens will only continue to rise in popularity. Although, we can certainly expect to see many more regulations on the contents of e-liquids appear in the not-so-distant future. Quality assurance is essential to the safety of consumers and this is something that we take incredibly seriously at Materia Ventures, so you can purchase CBD vape pens with confidence.

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