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Take a moment for you.

A premium CBD experience that fits seamlessly into your everyday.

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30-Day Guarantee

We're sure you'll love Hiatus, but if you're not happy with your it, return it within 30-days for your money back.

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No one likes to pay for shipping, right? That's why we offer free UK shipping on all orders over £50.

Zero THC, Zero Nicotine

Hiatus Pens do not contain THC or nicotine, meaning you can enjoy the CBD benefits with peace of mind.

You deserve a moment.

A reprieve from the volume of life.

A space to reset and renew.

Hiatus—just pause.


For when you need a little extra.

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Take a moment for you. Reset. Revive.

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When it's time to unwind at the end of the day.

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The Pen

This state-of-the-art hardware combines a love for design with high quality and safety standards. 

The Flavours

Curated flavours come together to provide you with a high-quality, pleasing taste that is uniquely Hiatus.

The Terpenes

Terpene-led oils enhance the aromatic experience of each formula providing definition to the benefits of CBD.